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"Acupuncture has intrigued me for years.  However, my extreme fear of needles kept me at bay.  Then, one day I met Dawn Kulak.  She saw that I was having back pain; I’ve had chronic back pain for 30 years.She told me acupuncture could help.  I didn’t believe her at first.  I mean 30 years of pain can’t be erased with some needles, right?  Well, she continued to educate me about the power of acupuncture and how well it works with your body.  She assured me that the needles used by acupuncturists are nothing like the needles used to draw blood or give vaccinations.  The exercises I was doing and the chiropractic care I was receiving were only helping the pain temporarily.  So, I figured I had nothing to lose and I gave it a try.
I’ve never been so happy to be wrong about something in my life!!!  Within two treatments, I began to feel relief in my back!!  Within three months, I was COMPLETELY pain free!!  I still can’t believe it!  Eleven months later, I’m on a maintenance only regime!  It’s unfathomable to me!  When I see Dawn now I’m shocked at how good I feel everyday.  Acupuncture has transformed my life!  I can pick up my children. I can travel in a car for multiple hours.  I can even sleep through the night without waking from pain!  I’m so grateful to acupuncture and Dawn!"  W.P.

"For years we struggled with our child's behavior and anxiety. We tried medication and counseling but nothing worked. Our home was full of contention and our patience was thin. Eventually, we began to look for alternative help and thought about acupuncture with the attitude of, "What do I have to lose?" After one session with Dawn, my daughter was a different person. We were not good about follow-up, however, and things quickly regressed. Finally, in August 2012, we realized we needed to make the commitment to the acupuncture. We have taken our daughter to Dawn every other week for two months and our daughter is a different person. She is gentle, loving, and patient. Our home is restored to one of unity and love. I never would have thought that acupuncture would make such a difference but we are forever grateful for what Dawn has done for our daughter and our family."  L.K.

"I am a stay at home mom of two and an active runner.  After much hesitation, one day I figured I would see Dawn for help with my shin splints and anxiety. That is when life as I knew it changed!
During my first session we spent over an hour discussing the root causes of my anxiety and the pain of my shin splints. It was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. Dawn is the most sincere, nonjudgmental, and peaceful person I have ever spoken to.  The first hour alone was fantastic.
Next she treated me with acupuncture needles and much to my surprise, she used less than 10 needles to do what she called a clearing. She wasn’t kidding. I had never felt my whole body energized like I did lying on her treatment table with those pins sticking out of me! After that I was truly addicted. Each week, I look forward to meeting her at her office and coming one step closer to being a better mom, wife, runner, and overall person.
Now, I have no pain in my shins, and I have learned to deal with my anxiety through breathing techniques she taught me along with the acupuncture sessions.
Whenever I meet anyone who deals with physical or emotional difficulties, I immediately hand them Dawn’s card and urge them to let her treat them. Just recently one of my girlfriends took me up on my offer and started seeing Dawn for hip pain. After a month of treatment, my friend and I stood in her kitchen and shared our amazement of Dawn’s healing abilities. We both agreed that it was not just Dawn’s expertise in acupuncture therapy that was so remarkable; it was her ability as a person and healer to connect with her patients through her awe inspiring manner to talk and listen with kindness, understanding, and compassion that makes her an amazing acupuncturist.
I hope that one day everyone I meet will go to Dawn for acupuncture treatment and experience the awesomeness of her healing abilities!"  M. A.

"I have really enjoyed working with Dawn.  She takes the time to listen and review my feelings, questions, and concerns, and pinpoints a treatment based on my own personal needs.  I never feel rushed during my appointments.  She also addresses the whole person and not just whatever physical issue that might be targeted that visit.  I always leave my appointment feeling calm and refreshed.  She has helped me learn to listen to my body and mind to get the most out of each session.  I can honestly say that after almost a year of acupuncture with Dawn, I am feeling more like myself than I have for quite some time."  J.G.

"Dawn is a remarkable and competent practitioner.  Her care and treatment of her patients is thoughtful, compassionate, and most of all, effective."  B.C.

"Dawn's healing presence was apparent from the very first visit.  She easily combines her gentle voice and demeanor to convey to me her full attention on treating me during our sessions.  Since she has worked with me, I notice myself becoming more open to my senses and feelings.  Dawn has helped me to deal more effectively with relationships that I used to react to with upset and through that effort, I believe I am a kinder and gentler to myself as well.  I have come to rely on Dawn for the best care possible when I am in her treatment room."  E.W.

"I came to Dawn seeking relief from tendonitis in my wrist.  Through a handful of appointments my wrist began to feel better and we also addressed issues I was having with fatigue.  Dawn has a very calm and soothing presence.  I immediately relaxed as we began each session and often left feeling like I had just had a massage.  Whenever she took my pulse, I felt as if she were really connecting with me and my body.  When asking questions or listening to me, she is so genuinely empathetic that I feel I want to tell her everything on my mind; like I could open up to her as if she were my therapist."  R.S.

"When I started acupuncture treatment, it was a time of great transition and stress for me.  I had recently completed a second surgery replacing my left knee so that I had a matched set, left and right.  During my first treatment, the needles hurt very much in my left leg and I was still feeling an ache as I got up off the table and drove home.  Within thirty minutes, all of the chronic pain in my leg was gone.  I was very pleased that the first clearing session would render such fast and obvious results.  Throughout treatment, I gained clarity and focus of mind and felt I had more energy.  I began making plans for the future that I had long delayed.  It was all very exhilarating."  E.K.

"I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I first began seeing Dawn and was quite surprised at how much the treatments actually helped me.  She has a special way of connecting with people that she treats.  Dawn's treatments are always a benefit, whether dealing with physical issues such as sinuses, colds, muscle aches, or mental issues such as stress or depression."  K.W.

"I came to Dawn feeling depressed, stressed, and overwhelmed with work and motherhood.  Along with her sensitive needling techniques, our discussions are always moving and thought provoking.  I always feel embraced by her kindness and concern and totally confident that she will take me down a helpful path.
My job as a performing artist often leads to anxiety.  Recently I was invited to participate in an audition that created feelings of self-doubt and insecurity.  I made a fantastic choice to see Dawn the day before.  Her work with me lifted me up, allowed me to let go of some of the stories that I tell myself and offered me a new level of focus in a highly stressful environment.  I left feeling empowered and the audition went quite well.
Working with Dawn has also helped alleviate some numbness and tingling that I've been experiencing in my hands and feet.  She is able to ask the questions that lead me right to the heart of what is going on.
My sessions with Dawn have allowed me to address both physical and emotional conditions, peel back layers of self-doubt and live with more focus and less judgement.  She is truly gifted."  C.H.

"I have been seeing Dawn for over a year.  She is extremely pleasant, listens to all my issues, and always comes up with stellar treatment plans.  I always leave feeling so much better both physically and mentally.  Seeing Dawn has truly transformed my life."  C.B.

Dawn Kulak Tubb, M.Ac, L.Ac

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